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Green Business Challenge 2010.

Green Business Challenge 2010




ITG Sustainability


An awareness of our impact on our surroundings is a vital concern for Color Art Integrated Interiors. We embrace the social responsibility that comes with corporate citizenship. All of our divisions are conscious of the consequences of their actions on the environment we live in. As a result we have formed a team that leads our initiative towards identifying and implementing opportunities for protecting the enviroment in whch we live. Our efforts to scorecard our progress continue. Here is a list of our accomplishments to date:

  • We have two LEED AP team members
  • In 2007, we chose to plant a “live” tree
  • In 2008, we built a tree from Campbell soup cans which were donated to Operation Food Search
  • Christmas Cards – chose seed cards that could be planted
  • Using recycled paper in copiers/fax machines
  • Using ceramic coffee mugs and glasses for Team Members (no longer using Styrofoam)
  • Working with “Green” caterers
  • Bottled water removed from Café areas
  • Recycling plastic / glass/ aluminum copper batteries/ light bulbs/ carpet/plastic/cardboard- Moved to single stream recycling 2/2/09
  • Recycling toners for all fax machines/printers
  • Donating unneeded library supplies
  • Recycled 61 tons of cardboard in 2009 and 1800 pounds of copper in 2009 plus other recyclable material each year including carpet.
  • Details power pinchers were added to all offices and workstations
  • Carpet Reclamation has reclaimed approximately 19,000 square yards.  The majority came from the following projects: AAA Headquarters Building, Client Services, US Bank Mortgage Relocation - Earth City
  • Conducting energy screening
  • Cradle to cradle products

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